“What the F%^K is all this?!”


A Sketch Show (n. Ske-ch Shoh) is a piece of staged theater in which many quick, funny plays (aka sketches) are performed in sequence, eventually culminating in, well, nothing. They’re separate things. It doesn’t really “build” in the traditional sense.

An attempt is often made to put the funniest sketch at the end, thereby creating the idea of escalation or heightening, but who the hell knows what the audience is going to respond to? You people are fucking random.

but what makes infinite sketch different?!

Well, for starters, our show actually does build!

Because we force it!

Sometimes we break up sketches and do them in two or three separate chunks! This way, we force the funnier stuff (the buttons, if you will) towards the end of the show! That’s fun right? Forcing a delayed reaction?

Yes. It is.

What else?! TELL ME MORE!!


We do a lot of stuff like screw around with narrative, get hella self-aware and meta (much like this whole description of the show), and even reference the obscure pieces of fiction or history!

Because who doesn’t like being reminded in the middle of a sketch show that they didn’t get into AP English?

Everyone. That’s who. Shut up.

What are your sketches about?!

We do sketches on lots of stuff. Here are just a few of the topics we’ve tackled in the past (in no particular order).

– Schrodinger’s Cat
– Ice Cream
– Hans Christian Andersen
– A Kid with a Dinosaur Head
– Theater Legend Carol Channing
– Poo Stains
– 14th Century Medicine
– A Man Who is Bad at Darts

Quite a spread right?!

Yes. I am right. Shut up.

anything else? we good? Great!